BASIC Japanese Odometer Check

BASIC Japanese Odometer Check

Japan Auction Report & Pictures


40 USD

(Add English translation of the auction report for 10 USD)

Our Basic Report is a Japanese odometer check for your car using actual Japanese auction records

Japanese auction records are available from 2007 onwards

This shows the odometer (km) reading, date and location when your car was auctioned in Japan

PLUS some very useful information such as

•  vehicle condition  •  past repairs  •  rust  •  odometer repair / replacement  •  aftermarket parts fitted  •  auction SOLD PRICE


You receive:

•  Auction condition report

•  Auction pictures (available for most auction events from 2010)

•  Auction date and location

•  Auction grade & condition including details of repairs

•  Auction SOLD price (where available)

We will confirm that records are available for your car before requesting payment