FULL Japan Car History Check

FULL Japan Car History Check

Japanese Transport Registration Records
+ Japan Auction Report & Pictures

Allow 2 to 3 BUSINESS DAYS

110 USD

(Add English translation of the auction report for 10 USD)

Our Full Report enables you to check your odometer against past Japanese auction records & official Japanese registration records

INCLUDES invaluable registration information, in some cases back to 1st registration from the Japanese Transport Authority (MLIT - Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

You receive our BASIC + INTERMEDIATE Reports:

•  Auction condition report

•  Auction pictures (if available)

•  Auction date and location

•  Auction grade & condition info including repairs

•  Auction SOLD price

PLUS information from official MLIT records which usually includes:

•  Manufacture date

•  Odometer (km) reading at every available registration inspection

•  Registration inspection locations

•  Reported accidents

•  Airbag deployment

•  Manufacturer recalls

•  Radiation testing (if applicable)

•  Factory & general specifications

We will confirm that records are available for your car before requesting payment

Please note:  MLIT records will be limited if the vehicle was exported from Japan more than 10 years ago

Typically two registration events are retrievable (depending on vehicle age and export date)