Japanese Odometer History


Many people don’t realise that a full Japanese odometer history may be available for any vehicle which has been registered in Japan.

Odometer (km) readings are recorded every time a vehicle is inspected for registration renewal in Japan (3 years from new then every 2 years).

This generates a full Japanese odometer history from new for most vehicles of up to 7 years old (at the time they were exported from Japan), and a good partial history of one to two registrations leading up to the export date for most older vehicles exported after 2007.

We can generally access this Japanese odometer history from the Japanese Transport Authority for up to 10 years following the export of a car from Japan.

This km record is obviously invaluable to both buyers and sellers of Japanese imports.

Our Japanese Car History Check Report is the most comprehensive Japanese odometer history check available as for newer vehicles it will show each odometer reading right back to first registration together with other critical information recorded by the Japanese Transport Authority (MLIT).

Odometer readings at any auction events back to mid-2007 can also be obtained, which for many vehicles will provide a complete Japanese Odometer History timeline that has been independently recorded prior to export from Japan.