Check Japan Auction Sale Price


The sad fact is that many Japanese buyers and export agents routinely INFLATE the auction sale price of a vehicle to increase their profit margins.



This is nothing more than blatant FRAUD and is usually accompanied by digitally altered screenshots of the auction result.



The overcharge amount varies depending on the value of each vehicle – it can range from just a few hundred, to thousands of USD.



We have even seen cases where expensive vehicles have been inflated by over $10,000 USD.



The only way to check whether you are being charged the correct price is to independently check what the vehicle sold for at auction.



Whether the auction sale price can be retrieved depends on the auction and time period. Sale prices are available with auction records in our Basic Check in about 60% of cases, from today right back to 2007.



Don’t get RIPPED OFF by dishonest sellers – check the Japan auction sale price yourself.


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