Damaged & Repaired Auction History


SPOT the DIFFERENCE – YES, believe it or not this 2013 Subaru BRZ is the SAME car… checked for a client in Malaysia.


Damaged and repaired auction history is just some of the information our Basic Check can reveal from the Japanese auction records.


In some cases the damage may be minor, in other cases like this it can be very serious indeed and the pictures alone tell the story. Notes on the auction report can also be translated to provide more detail about the area and extent of repairs.


This heavily front and rear damaged 2013 Subaru BRZ was first auctioned in Japan in September 2015.




Within 8 weeks it had been repaired and was then re-auctioned no less than 9 times over the next 2 months before it finally sold.

2013 BRZ repair grade


Then exported to MALAYSIA where the car dealer selling it to our client claimed:




Buyers have a RIGHT to know the true history of a vehicle, particularly when structural repairs have been undertaken that may compromise safety in future accidents.


With so much at stake and in a world where sellers typically hide this information, it is critical that buyers do their own independent research.


Withholding this information is a criminal act yet it happens ALL THE TIME at the expense of the end user, their family – and their wallet.


Sadly, dishonest sellers everywhere are more than happy to trade the safety of you and your loved ones for a few extra dollars in profit.


Don’t get caught out – it’s cheap and easy to check the auction history of most Japanese car imports back to 2007.


In some cases as we see here it will reveal major damage and multiple auction events, or a combination of false km or inflated sale price.


Find out the REAL story with a quick and easy search. Think of what a 40 USD check could SAVE you, and we work FAST – in most cases we will have your report to you within 1 hour.


We have saved thousands of buyers from an expensive mistake in situations like this example, but even where auction records have identified only a few minor faults, clients tell us that our report enabled them to negotiate the purchase price down by much more than the cost of our service and made it much easier to know what to look for when inspecting the vehicle.


We have access to auction records covering most cars auctioned in Japan since 2007 and can match past auction records for your vehicle using the Japanese chassis code (VIN).

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