What’s my Chassis Code (VIN) and where do I find it ?


The Japanese chassis code or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) can be found on the manufacturer build plate which is usually located on the left or right side of the firewall of your car once you lift the bonnet.

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The build plate is a stamped metal plate which has specific information about your car including the unique chassis code or VIN, body and interior color codes.

In Japan the chassis code is usually called “Chassis No.” or “Frame No.” and is about 12 digits long depending on make and model.

It consists of a series of letters and numbers for the model code common to that type of car, a hyphen, then a number specific to your car.

The following example is for a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, with chassis code BNR32-305366.


 And another example for a Toyota Supra, where the chassis code is JZA80-1004956.


The Japanese chassis code allows us to identify your vehicle and obtain some very useful information, such as past auction reports and Japanese Transport Authority records.

For vehicles exported from Japan within the last 10 years, this will usually enable a full odometer check right back to first registration including where in Japan the vehicle was inspected and licensed and the kms each time.

Some countries have regulations requiring a longer VIN for registration (for example Australia requires 17 digits), in this case the Japanese chassis code has extra numbers and digits added usually to the front.

For Australia then, this consists of 6U9, then as many zeros as required to create 17 digits, so the above Supra VIN would become 6U900JZA801004956.

If you are unsure of your Japanese VIN, just send us what you have and we can help you work it out.

Please ensure the number you supply to us is 100% correct as shown on the vehicle itself, as this will be used to obtain data specific to that vehicle.

As our reports are compiled manually based on data we must purchase from Japan for a specific chassis code, we cannot refund you in the event that you have supplied the incorrect code.